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18 December 2007


I have really been in need for a creative outlet lately. Here it is.

I've decided to launch a francophone webcomic, Philippe! Philippe started out as the unofficial "official mascot of French class" back in high school, and after learning that my brother had chosen the name as his French pseudonym this year, I had to revive the character.

I plan to have a new installment every Tuesday I can manage, even if that only ends up being four weeks (which is how much I've drawn as of now). If I hit a dry spell, that doesn't mean I won't pick it back up at some point.

To avoid people asking, Philippe is a squiggle. His basic form was derived out of boredom at the markerboard in French class. There's really no other way to describe what he is. And yes, I realized that no arms and legs would become an issue. Oh, well.

The comic is drawn using regular markers and paper. My art's not good enough for anything fancier.

If you have any ideas for future editions of Philippe, please send me an email. If I like them, I'll get right to drawing them!


Anonymous said...

Well, no arms and legs haven't hindered Larry and Bob, of Veggie Tales fame, so I think Philippe will be just fine!

Tim Parenti said...

Those were my thoughts exactly.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

umm....unfortunately i don't know french. do you have translations?

Lexi Elizabeth said...

wait, scratch that, i found it. :-P

Anonymous said...

Don't feel badly, I took French and needed the translation.

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