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02 December 2007

Pitt Campus Celebrations after Backyard Brawl Win

©2007, Timothy J. Parenti. All rights reserved.
This video is 6:19 in length.

Too important not to post.

Pitt's campus was filled with energy after the Panthers' upset victory of #2-ranked West Virginia in the 100th Backyard Brawl last night.

I stayed out until about midnight before heading to a friend's house, plus I had an inclination things would get too crazy for everyone's good. And as I hear, things did indeed get quite a bit more rowdy after I left, both on campus and in South Oakland. Still, this stuff's pretty exciting.


I have a concert in an hour, so I can't write any more now, but I will!


Tim Parenti said...

So, how about this video post is the top hit on Google for "pitt backyard brawl rioting" already.

Anonymous said...

That was a great outcome, but very frustrating game to watch with all the bad officiating. So, why didn't the band go, or were you already back by the time this was all going on?

Tim Parenti said...

Oh, silly Bev. You're going to my concert on Friday, and you think that's the only one?

I had a Heinz Chapel Choir concert set for Saturday night about a year in advance. I was very disappointed I couldn't go to the WVU game. The band could only send one busload.

I could put more here, but I did promise another post, so I'll do that instead at some point.

Anonymous said...

I see, duh.

When I was in the Pitt Band, the entire band was always taken to either WVU or Penn State, whichever was away. Of course, things change.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I looove your footage. :) I was two rows back from the chair on fire in the middle of Forbes. You missed some sweet fun there! Hehe
P.S. We need to grab food sometime soon! I miss you!

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