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01 December 2006

December Downpour

Couldn't let this one go. Leaving calculus to head back to the dorm it was literally pouring. See the radar image from about when I was walking? Not fun. Especially with sustained winds of 15 mph, gusting at 30 mph. Of course, from the west-southwest, which was the direction I started out walking.

Then, when I turned to the north to go up the hill, one of those gusts. There was about a centimeter of water rushing down the hill at my feet, rather quickly. I'd estimate it at about 2.0 m/s, based on estimating the time it took a leaf to travel down the length of one sidewalk slab. And for that much water rushing down, 2.0 m/s is pretty fast.

Not to mention water continued to pour down from above this whole time. I mean, there was a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Of course it was going to pour.

When I got back to the dorm, literally every article of clothing I was wearing was soaked, except perhaps my belt. So I changed literally everything, except the belt (yes, I'm even wearing those new shoes mom's been bugging me about). At least the bad part of the storm has pretty much passed as I start my afternoon. And then it'll probably snow tonight! That's so exciting!

Random tangent: After refilling my prescription at the pharmacy yesterday, I realized that 30 days from today is New Years' Eve, two days before I come back here. So I wouldn't be able to refill my prescription until I came back. But if history is any guide, I'm pretty sure I'll forget to take my medicine at least three times before I run out... and then it's all good!


Anonymous said...

Did you get it filled at a chain pharmacy or a local one? If it's a chain and there's one in your hometown, you can easily get it refilled there (I know from experience CVS is pretty good about these things).

Don't get sick!


Tim Parenti said...

I don't think Pitt's Student Health Service is a chain...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

so we have a campus too, and everyone was complaining about the rain and wind like whoa. i felt really bad for them- i was down at heinz hall for my audience of the future/baer project. haha.

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