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03 December 2006

Dream 3

It's been ages since I've posted a dream, and this one is probably the weirdest and most far fetched yet. And the best part is, this isn't the first time I've had this one. I distinctly remember having this dream at least once before, although it was before this blog existed, so I'll write about it now.

Dream 3: A Fishy Plan, night of 01-02 December 2006

So there were these fish. Four of them, I think; all different types. And this whole thing was sort of told from their point-of-view. So swim, swim, swim they go.

It's nighttime, and a sort of wintry day (although underwater, what does that matter?). And these fish decided that they were a little bit hungry, so what did they do? They went to a local fast-food restaurant of course. Sadly, however, this restaurant, although it was sort of reddish in color, was not a Wendy's, so these fish could not "eat great, even late" as they had hoped, because the restaurant was already closed.

So the swam, swam, swam some more, and they find the sub-basement of this restaurant (not the basement, below that). And because these fish are apparently stupid fish, they decide to go in, swimming through some sort of crack.

The structure of the sub-basement is awkward. It's completely circular, obviously filled with water, and the restaurant rests on a single round beam in the center. So the fish are free to swim around and around the donut-shaped expanse surrounding the support. And that's exactly what they do.

Then the little fish finds a stairwell leading up to the next level. As for why it's a stairwell, I don't know. It's not like the fish are going to stop swimming and sink to the bottom so they can physically walk up the stairs. But alas, the stairs are there. It's just one of the many anomalies one can find in my weirder dreams.

Mind you, these fish are really hungry. So of course they decide to go up the stairwell.

Bad idea.

The owner of the restaurant is there with a sort of sinister grin on his face. Rather than just saying "I caught ya" and turning them in for breaking and entering, he has other plans for these fishies (and it's not to fry them; they don't serve fish at that place anyway).

No, he scoops them up and keeps them confined overnight. Then in the morning, the fish awoke to find themselves being watched by hundreds of people (apparently, the tide went out and the restaurant was now above the water). The restaurateur then reveals his elaborate scheme.

The fish were now in a sizable container, and there were three more areas separating them from the rest of the lake. They were desperate to get out to see their families... and perhaps to eat, because they never did get that late-night meal they were craving.

In order to advance to the next area, the fish had to complete a task. In most cases, it was something like biting through a net. But the last area had a concrete wall at the end. And the fish had to win a game of Battleship for the concrete wall to open, leading them to the vast lake on the other side.

Meanwhile, a second concrete wall would constantly be closing in behind them. If the fish didn't complete the last task in time, they would simply be squished against the other wall and die. But that wasn't all.

In the basement of the restaurant, just above the new water level, the restaurant owner held captive all of the Olympic swimmers from the Western Hemisphere. How he got them, nobody knew. But that's not the point. The point was that their fate was directly tied to the performance of the fish.

As the concrete wall closed in on the fish, the water displaced would fill up the cell in which the swimmers were held. And at the moment the fishies would get squished, the cell would be completely full of water and even though they were the best swimmers in the hemisphere, the swimmers would drown. Of course, at this point, the "camera" of my mind immediately panned to the swimmers, who were frantically panicking for their lives.

Well, to make a long story short, the fish ended up completing all the tasks and winning Battleship with just a few short moments left. By opening the second concrete wall, the water in the cell rushed back out into the lake, and the swimmers were subsequently released. The restaurateur lamented the demise of his master plan. Not that he wouldn't be able to try again, because he wasn't arrested, despite the spectacle he made of the whole thing.

And the four fish were thereafter lauded as heroes, and of course they lived happily ever after, but they became ever wary of fast-food restaurants at night.

Random tangent: Didn't my last dream have something to do with tartar sauce? What a coincidence that is.


Anonymous said...

This is what my dream dictionary says about fish, although at times I find my dream dictionary to be antiquated and sexist:

To dream that you see fish in clear-water streams, denotes that you will be favored by the rich and powerful.
Dead fish signifies the loss of weath and power though some dire calamity.
For a young woman to dream of seeing fish, portends that she will have a handsome and talented lover.
To dream of catching a catfish denotes that you will be embarassed by evil designs of enemies, but your luck and presence of mind will tide you safely over the trouble.
To wade in water, catching a fish, denotes that you will possess wealth aquired by your own ability and enterprise.
To dream of fishing denotes energy and economy, but if you do not suceed in catching any, your efforts to obtain honors and wealth will be futile.
Eating fish denotes warm and lasting attachments.

In any case, that's about the strangest thing I've ever heard.


Tim Parenti said...

I figured you'd have some enlightenment on this one...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cos I'm a fortune teller and shit like that ;)

Tim Parenti said...

And this blog is now rated PG. Thanks, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Well exc-uuuuuuuuse me

Tim Parenti said...

It's okay. I knew it would happen eventually.

On the plus side, it's not often I have 6 comments on a post within a few hours. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Only because you're not on AIM that I communicate with you in this medium.

You knew I'd start swearing in your blog? That's funny.

Tim Parenti said...

No, I knew someone would; not necessarily you.

And I'm technically in the computer lab working on a programming project with my ENGR 0711 group. We've just hit a huge pothole (i.e., program crashing) and I think we all got tired actively seeking a solution to fix it.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

it's really weird dream. not gonna lie. very weird.

the fish sound adventurous anyways though, so a good adventure for them is alright. hha

Tim Parenti said...

I did say it was a really weird dream, didn't I?

Anonymous said...

Were you recently looking down the skylight into the 'donut' shaped Marketplace (Tower C cafeteria)? Maybe you're getting a vision regarding the upcoming renovations...

Tim Parenti said...

No, dad. I distinctly remember having this dream at least once before I ever came to Pitt.

But now I wonder if they'll have fish at the new cafeteria...

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