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29 December 2006


Yay for PHP! It does some pretty cool things. And this'll be a rather geeky post.

I'm working on redoing the GHS Marching Band website, and part of that involves the capability for multiple users to post events to a calendar. And I don't want to have to set aside time every year or so to physically make the calendars for every month.

So my friend Corey and I got together this morning and, teaching me PHP by example, we made this lovely creation. It works almost perfectly, except for one little bug that'll be a bit difficult to fix. This will be the basic template on which we'll slap code to actually search for events in the database and more code to make it look nice.

It's not like I have a deadline or anything, although it'd be really nice if it were up by the beginning of May, when they first start rehearsals for the 2007-08 season.

Random tangent: So Craig, Laurel, and I will get together and attempt to make "butterscotch gâteau" this evening from an old English cookbook (and yes, everything's in metric). I have a feeling that this cooking experiment will warrant another post when all is said and done...


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