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07 December 2006

Term 2071 Finals

I will now be going back into my little shell for a week or so. Finals start Monday, which means I won't be blogging much until I get through them. I might get to write a little post on snow if I can find the time, but otherwise it won't be until Wednesday night or Thursday; PHYS won't take that long to study for. Then again, I wouldn't count on it. My finals week schedule is shown below.

I'll be returning home to Girard almost immediately after my last final on Friday 15 December. Have a great week everyone!

Random tangent: For anyone who wants to hear Friday night's Heinz Chapel Choir concert, tune in to the live broadcast on Pittsburgh's WQED-FM 89.3, or listen online, beginning at 20:00 ET. It's going to be great!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your finals, Tim!

Not that you have time to worry about this now, but you are the only Heinz Chapel Choir member without a contact e-mail on the Members page of the site.

Tim Parenti said...

That was done intentionally on my part.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Tim. You'll do absolutely fine, what with you being freakishly smart and having a really, really, good memory for random details.

Tim Parenti said...

Aw, thanks, Emily. One down, four to go!

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