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23 April 2006

Dream 2

Finally, I have time to post this dream, which I had well over a month ago. It really struck me as quite weird. I mean, honestly, how does my brain come up with these things? So, continuing my Dream Series:

Dream 2: Throwing Tartar Sauce, night of 07-08 March 2006

This dream was set in late February, over the course of one school day. Apparently, I had first-period gym, and I don't even have gym this year. But anyways, being February, it was really cold outside (frigid, actually), but our gym teacher wanted to go outside. Instead of putting on the standard gym T-shirt and shorts, I donned a standard gym sweatshirt and sweatpants (which don't exist). But, no. Our teacher insisted that we wear the lighter uniform. I refused, and thus was turned in for one day detention for insubordination (which is actually 3 days ISS).

But that wasn't all.

At lunch, they were serving those breaded chicken patties that you could easily get confused for a fish fillet sandwich. Anyways, I was eating my lunch when all of a sudden the principal comes up to me and says, "What do you think you're doing?" I have no clue what he's talking about, and I express this.

"That tartar sauce. You just threw a packet of tartar sauce."

First of all, the cafeteria wasn't serving fish, so they wouldn't have put out tartar sauce. Secondly, our school doesn't have packets of tartar sauce; you squeeze it out of a bottle. Lastly, I despise tartar sauce, and even if I had been eating fish and it had come in packets, you wouldn't catch me dead with it.

So, despite the fact that I had not thrown the tartar sauce, I got two days detention for it.

It must have been a slow day in the school office because I got my detention slip back later that day, and they even took the time to condense the two infractions into one slip. When I went to look at the bottom of the slip to see the dates I was to serve, my dormant mind produced the first dates it could, and they appeared in red pen: "3/25, 3/26, 3/27."

How convenient! The last three days of the Florida trip (including a Saturday and a Sunday)! Oh, well. Just before I woke up, the dream quickly skipped ahead to after the trip. Apparently, they weren't going to make me make up the days after all.



Lexi Elizabeth said...

???that's confusifying like woah.

Anonymous said...

dreams are like that. they make no sense at all. i don't think they're meant to.
oh, and my dreams are better. three words: chicken nugget dodgeball.

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