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05 April 2006


It is interesting to note that earlier today the clock and calendar read 01:02:03 04/05/06 (if you write your dates that way). Although most people were aware of this, most did not stay up for the event. I did, but not solely because of the event. Remember, I missed a lot of school in the last few weeks, so I designated that time as the time when I would stop doing homework and actually go to bed.

Bearing today's interesting date in mind, the GHS Class of 2006 (or, at least, certain people) designated today as Senior Skip Day. I did not skip; I practically missed the whole month of March, so why should I miss more, especially when I'm going on a college visit on Friday? Actually, there were several dozen seniors who didn't skip, even though they knew of the unofficial holiday. We actually care about our education.

On a random tangent, yet interesting nonetheless, our Guys and Dolls actors were wonderful on Monday while the instrumentalists were pitiful. Tuesday it was almost the complete opposite in my opinion, though we still have some kinks to work out. Our choir director (who's directing the instrumentalists, gasp!) printed out a sheet of notes for us to use on Monday regarding all sorts of changes, cues to watch for, and the like. Tuesday that was scrapped, and two pages were given to us. Today we'll be using a three-page version. It's amazing we don't all go insane!

It is also interesting to note that later today I turn 6666 days old. Don't start calling me a weirdo for having figured that out. In all honesty, I just got curious about a week ago, so I figured out my age in days (I use that number often enough and for various purposes). It turned out I was approaching 6666, so I thought I'd make mention of it when the time came. Now, the real question is: is this a good thing or a bad thing?

And in light of the 6666 possibly being a bad thing, I am going to assure you that things will go decently at the least. My ex-girlfriend's birthday isn't until tomorrow.


Stephen Lewis said...

the concept of a senior skip day kinda bothers me. because i'm one of those studious kinds who would never skip a day of school. sure sure, call me teacher's pet, nerd-o, whatever, but it really does bother me. and when ours rolls around, it'll feel awkward being one of the few who don't skip. but then again, i like most of my teachers, so if it's just me and them in a classroom for 42 minutes, i wouldn't mind just chatting with them.

Laurel said...

i celebrated 01:02:03 04/05/06...but i celebrated in the afternoon not in the morning lol
Luv ya all!

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