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06 April 2006

Valley Forge

Okay, I'm breaking any rules of chronologicality I may or may not have had (and yes, that's not a word). Skipping ahead to States! I was in Valley Forge from 29 March to 01 April, and it was wonderful. The weather was actually halfway decent; I could keep my coat unbuttoned if I so chose. Yay for good weather!

Anyways, I didn't get to surprise my choir director with my chair placement; here's why: One of the other girls in the All-State Choir is going out with one of my classmates in the GHS Choir. Well, as soon as chairs were announced, she text-messaged him in the middle of the school day, right before Concert Choir was to start. Needless to say, he ignored the school's anti-cell phone rules, received the message, and told my director before I even had a chance to call her.

Oh, well. Now, I'll surprise you with my chair placement. You may have caught on to the hint in the previous paragraph that my chair placement was announced; they only announce the top 10 in each section (out of 30). Well, I got fifth chair! I was elated. Actually, it was a tie for fourth, and the tie-breaker put me .03 points behind the other kid (out of 280 possible), but it's okay because the two of us actually became pretty good friends.

The concert was amazing, as were rehearsals. Hearing such a sound is just heavenly. And knowing you're part of it is even better.

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Lexi Elizabeth said...

.03 away from fourth chair? jeez tj, i'm dissapointed in you. :-P. actually, i think you did phenominal (sp?).

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