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02 April 2006

TravelLog 1

Well, I'm back from Florida (and from States, but we'll talk about that later). I kept some semblance of a "travel log" on the way down to Florida, but I'll admit I got so caught up in Disney World that I didn't write a word while I was down there. I did write a bit on the way back up, and I will eventually try to write a recap of all that happened, but probably not for a while.

I divided all I wrote (8 pages handwritten, yet only 3.5 typed) into three roughly equal parts. Please keep in mind that most of my posts go through extensive editing before they are posted here, but this TravelLog is exactly what I wrote on the trip, exactly as I thought of it. Therefore, if you notice a slight drop in the continuity of what I wrote, that is why.

Anyways, in a fashion quite similar to the one Laurel used for her mission trip to Mississippi, I will post one part at a time.

All times and locations refer to when and where the entry was started. Town names refer to the town closest to the given latitude/longitude coordinates.

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 12:38 ET - N 42º00.5' W 80º20.0' - Girard, PA

Here we go...

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 14:11 ET - N 40º50.5' W 80º06.2' - Harmony, PA

I think I'm going to start writing random notes to the other drum major; I've already seen Drumline.

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 15:23 ET - N 39º51.3' W 80º07.1' - Waynesburg, PA

The girl behind me is really bored. She was going through her purse and came across a green Sharpie. Suddenly she got impulsive. Seeing the "non-toxic" statement on the marker, she drew on her tongue. Apparently dark green doesn't taste very good. Washing it down with a box of Hi-C Fruit Punch (those little juice box things), she said she "just wanted to know what it tastes like."

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 15:56 ET - N 39º37.6' W 79º59.2' - Westover, WV

I am so glad West Virginia isn't stingy when it comes to maps for travelers. Just like three years ago, I'm trying to get an official highway map for every state we go through...preferably without spending a cent. Although I know that one of the Carolinas (North, I think) is especially stingy in that regard. Not so for the West Virginians. "Help yourself," said the lady behind the desk, one of three people in that crowded space.

Our percussion section leader started complaining about the urinal that was "out of order." He started ranting about how it was out of order when he was there a month and a half ago. Okay, then. So he pulled out his camera phone and said, "I'm going to take a picture of this toilet."

Bad idea.

I proceeded to tell people that he was taking pictures in the bathroom. Disgusting. But since I'm not that mean, I explained exactly what he was taking pictures of soon after I saw the surprised looks on their faces.

As I left the rest stop, I saw a sign that read, "Desk not responsible for vending machines." Immediately, I wished I had a camera. Because even though the desk is obviously not responsible for any poor performance of the vending machines, the people behind the desk might be. I told this to Dearbeck, and he just smiled and said, "Only you would notice that. Only you."

I should have borrowed the drummer's phone.

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 17:05 ET - N 38º46.5' W 80º40.4' - Flatwoods, WV

Well, Sharpie-girl was eating Cheetos. She offered me one; I refused. She insisted. She then started attacking me with the Cheeto. I was surprised that she would stoop so low as to attempt to molest me with a Cheeto. Honestly.

My brother asserts that due to the condensation on the windows, it's going to rain in the bus. Now he's attempting to completely beat Super Mario Land for what he says would be the sixteenth time, starting with Level 1-1. Oh, boy.

Wednesday 22 March 2006, 18:15 ET - N 38º01.8' W 81º07.4' - Fayetteville, WV

We just went over a really long bridge, one among the longest in the country. People were oohing and aahing about the great view of the New River, which flows south to north. It took 28 seconds to get over the bridge at about 68 miles per hour, meaning it was about half a mile long. Wow!

Then people oohed and aahed over a stray dog we saw at the last red light (we're off the Interstate for a while). Now a truck just cut us off, so our bus driver managed to pass it, honking our horn. Apparently the truck driver was on his cell phone as we passed.

My brother is complaining (not oohing and aahing) about the fact that no movie is being played and that we haven't stopped for dinner yet, even though the itinerary clearly says dinner isn't scheduled until 19:00. He's getting hyper and restless. It's really annoying. He just said, "We'd better eat in the next five minutes, starting now." Good luck with that one.

And now I'm oohing and aahing about my excessive use of "ooh" and "aah" as verbs. I mean, is that even allowed?

Okay. They just announced we're a mile and a half from dinner. Wonderful; we're about 25 minutes ahead of schedule...still.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

haha. this "sharpie girl" is very strange. you're weird, putting longitude and junk. just thought i'd let you know...

Stephen Lewis said...

hey, some people appreciate the coordinates, thank you very much. :D

the new river bridge? i've been there! my dad and i stopped there on the way to bristol, tennessee for a nascar race. we actually went inside the little visitor's center/museum there. somewhere in my cluttered void of a room, i have postcards from there...

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