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30 March 2006

One Last Post... the month of March, that is. There is a complimenatry computer at the front desk of our hotel for States, but it is hard to get it for very long, as there are 659 PMEA students staying here. This post is essentially to let you know that I haven't forgotten about this blog at all; in fact I have 8 handwritten pages of a "TravelLog" from my trip to Florida to type up when I get back, to which I'm adding a few pages here at States. I'll post all that in April though, after I get back. Until then, I hate you all (early April fools)!

Oh, and by the way, this is my 50th post to Randomness since it began in May 2005. Yay!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

50? i'm on 167... :-P. but most of that is from the summer, when i was on 24/7. i probably only have 50 or less from school year. i'm looking forward to the 8 pages...

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i just wanted to say thanks for being the only one who ever comments me. it seems that laurel and jay gave up on me whenever i stopped for a while, but you continue to check, and i thank you for that. because i like comments. a lot.


Stephen Lewis said...

if i could say something in my defense... i do read your blog. it's just that we've never met, and i figured it'd be awkward posting on your blog.

and for the record, wicked is a pretty sweet musical.

Robert said...

I just saw the update to the news of the day: being the 6,000th hit.
I must confess that, even if I'm a shy person, all this attention amuse me (and is a very good way to locate the comments I left!!!).
Unfortunately, I started a blog months ago but didn't have the discipline to post more than two lines. What a pity :( Part of that was caused by the site I choose in the first place (; I don't really like the site so I might go to instead. The other point is that I'm more fluent in French than English and that my blog might be in French or maybe bilingual (it could be a first as I have never see that).
I'm glad that I made you smile today, we all need this from time to time. I just hope that your overall day was not as dismal as you say.
I'll get in touch with you sometime after reading the rest of your posts.
En attendant, lâche pas ;)

Tim Parenti said...

Robert's referring to this update in the previous comment.

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