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02 March 2006

Region Band Results

After my last post, I'm sure most of you want to know how I (along with the other Girardians) did at our Region Band auditions.

We got off to a bit of a late start today as a result of the contingency plan put in place: contingency upon the status of Punxsutawney area schools, that is. The weather was somewhat icy overnight, and since they have to bus students from a ridiculously large area (with varied geography, too), they put the schools on a two-hour delay, and then eventually cancelled. For us, that meant that unless the weather stayed bad (which it didn't), we wouldn't have to come until 10:30 for 11:00 rehearsal, essentially a three-hour delay for the festival. So we enjoyed a leisurely morning.

Once we got to PAHS, they seated us on the stage and then they announced the results for advancement to States. Of course, they did this all quickly in order to make up for lost time. This was when I found out that I missed States by one chair. They took three trumpeters, and I was seventh chair (out of 16).

No, that's not a typo. Often, students will turn down the opportunity to go to the State level. This is usually because they have already advanced in a different ensemble that held their tryouts earlier. Since all the different ensembles rehearse concurrently at the conference, it would be impossible for a student to be in more than one, so they don't even allow it.

Anyways, first and second chair were from District 3, and third through fifth all elected to not advance. So sixth chair (also from District 3) took the third slot. And I was three points behind (out of 240 possible). Darn. And no, I don't hate District 3, they just happen to be really good (or at least everyone thinks so).

Our flutist also missed States by one chair (third out of 18), and the clarinetist got eighth chair out of 30, four under the cut.

We expected the competition to be tough; after all, it is Region Band. But now, the big question is, who do we have to shove down the stairs this weekend in order to take their spot at States? Just kidding; gosh, don't take everything so seriously.


Anonymous said...

You're still #1 with us Tim. :)

Grandma & Grandpa B.

Stephen Lewis said...

oh... sorry, tj... it sucks that i can't say better luck next year... though i guess i could say, better luck with choir!

as an aside, it's really funny how so many students all of a sudden get violent impulses when they're one chair away... and then they just shake it off.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

ahhhhh i just noticed you've reached half way on your driver's thing. haha. is there a time limit on that? if so, you better hurry it up :-P

Stephen Lewis said...

permits expire one year after they are issued. i got my permit renewed, i wasn't anywhere near 50 hours then. now i'm up to 45, and i've been sitting on 45 for-ever... i can drive well, i just need to spend five hours working on parallel parking and backing up.

Tim Parenti said...

My permit was initially issued in May 2004. I got it renewed in May 2005, and now it's good until May 2006. So, yeah, I'll probably have to renew it again. Oh, well. It's only five bucks.

Stephen Lewis said...

off-topic (though it was beforehand, anyway)... while coming to check this site, i got a 403 error. not 404, 403. forbidden. i "do not have the credentials to view this site." i'll admit, i've had problems getting to this page before, but that's the first 403 i've gotten.

okay, on-topic... good luck at region choir this week!

Tim Parenti said...

On Monday 06 March at around 11:45 ET and again on Wednesday 08 March at around 19:46 ET, Blogger acknowledged this problem with the Errors 403.

They said that "the offending server is being replaced and then shot." So there. It should be done.

Tim Parenti said...

And now I just got a 403 Error; this is becoming a problem. You'd think that of all people I should be able to access this page. But I hit Refresh and all was well.

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