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22 March 2006


Okay, well, I'm going to Florida. But don't cry, it's only for a few days (I'll get back late Monday). If I have extra time on the 23-hour bus ride either way (including stops), I might write some things in a notebook for this site, and then I'll post them when I get back. Except I have to immediately unpack so I can pack for States.

Oh, well. April will be much better once I'm all caught up. It'll feel weird actually attending a full week of school, though. And since we lose an hour of sleep somewhere in there, I'll be even more cranky. I'll get through it, though.

So, since I'm not going to be slacking off of this blog on my vacation, no one else has a right to slack off while they're not on vacation (haha). I expect at least a post or two from each of you when I get back, and I'll try to find the time to comment you (but only if you comment me, mwahaha).

So until then, I'm goin' to Disney World!


Lexi Elizabeth said...

:( take me with you? :-P have fun.

Tim Parenti said...

Sorry, Andrea. You were too late. You commented at 19:45 ET, when we were near Beckley, WV. Had you commented before we even left, we could have picked you up, but you would have had trouble finding a seat...and learning the music. ^_^

Laurel said...

Have lots of fun, and comment on my site when you come back!
Luv ya all!

Tim Parenti said...

Laurel, I already got I'm in King of Prussia, PA for All-State Choir. I'll have fun here, I guess. More in future posts.

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