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15 March 2006

Hid-de and Morpheus

Over the last two months, we have inherited cats. They have been very nice to us. First let me explain why we have them. My mom's cousin was moving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh, but he and his wife had to move out of their Cleveland house before they could buy one in Pittsburgh. So in the interim, they stayed with his mother, who is deathly allergic to cats. Hence, we inherited two of the three, namely Hid-de and Morpheus.

As mentioned in Laurel's post of 02 January, Hid-de is pronounced "Heidi" and is meant to be interpreted as "hidey." I was asleep when the cats first came at around 01:30 one morning in January. The next day I was home all day, and I still didn't see them. I was beginning to even doubt their existence. Well, it turned out they were just hiding. And hiding really well.

Since then, they've become bolder and have explored the house more. Above is a picture of Morpheus and Hid-de looking out our back door at a squirrel one recent Sunday morning. Sorry it's only a picture of their backs, but they proved very resistant to capture (both physically and on film)!

To the left is a better picture of Hid-de, just sitting in front of our refrigerator.

And at right is Morpheus hiding under the kitchen table. They seem to like that general area between the basement door, the back door, and the kitchen. Nine times out of ten, that's where they'll be.

It's sad that since we're going to Florida for a week with the marching band, they have to leave on Sunday. We were just getting used to them, and we have really enjoyed their company. Oh, well. I'm sure that they'll enjoy their new permanent home even more!


crodler said...

Kitties are the coolest animals on earth!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

awwww. they are cute. i like cats. easier to take care of than dogs. i like all animals though. if only i was able to take care of them.

Laurel said...

Awww I didn't know you had the cats! They were so cute I love them!
Luv ya all!

Miles C. said...

They're pretty cute!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

how was region choir?

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