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20 March 2006


Now, I know you're waiting to hear about how Region Choir went, and that you probably don't care about Calculus, but this is what I'm writing there.

I just attempted to take a crazy Calculus test. See, I'm working independently out of one AP-prep book, and my teacher is taking my tests from the corresponding chapters of another AP-prep book. The problem is, the chapters don't correspond exactly. In the past, if a specific problem on a test wasn't addressed in my book, I was told to circle the problem number and then take a guess anyways. If I were to get the problem wrong, and it was deemed that I shouldn't have been expected to know it, it didn't count.

Well today I was circling about 60% of the problems. It was bad. The test was supposed to be on antiderivatives and definite integrals (I can see most of you wondering what that means), but there was only one definite integral on the test, and it was an odd problem (I was told to do only the evens this time because the test was horribly long).

So now, after I actually take a better test from my own text tomorrow (which puts me another day behind on my independent study), I'm completely switching texts. As in, we're ditching both AP-prep books and going back to the standard Larson text I used last year. Which is what I wanted to do in the first place. The only problem is that once I get back from Florida, I have only 17 class days available to learn all 23 BC topics covered in the Larson text before the AP Exam, as opposed to the fifty- or sixty-some I started out with.

Oh, well. It will all turn out okay. But right now the last thing I want to do is to take a math test. As for Region Choir, I'll probably post about that in the next 24 hours or so. I just had to vent about this.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

fine. i'll comment.

i wish i was even smart enough to take calculus. even though i don't understand it at all it looks really cool. jay takes calculus. he's a freaky genius though. and next year he's having an independent study too, just on music stuff and not calculus. i might be able to take calculus my senior year if i'm smart enough. and i'll have jay help me. :-P

is that good enough?

Tim Parenti said...

Yes, Andrea, that's fine. Thank you.

Stephen Lewis said...

i'm really really really really really sorta glad i didn't take calc or ap calc. i mean, the fates screwed me over in just the perfect way, and either i had to drop choir or music theory/appreciation. and i had enough math/science credits to graduate, so... heck with it!

and from what i hear from those who are taking it, it's really beating them down. only one person's passing the class (a junior, go figure), and i think the teacher hated me after last year anyway.

so... props to you, tj... you're a good man for doing what you do... i think you're crazy, but you're a good man.

Tim Parenti said...

Yeah, although that test got me thinking again... But more about that in another post.

Anonymous said...

your goin to Florida what!!!!!!!! When were you goin to tell me this one honey? i love you in all but email about this stuff i'm not really up to date with your blog

Tim Parenti said...

Um, yeah. Meghan, that was back in March. I went with the band... You don't remember this?

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