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15 March 2006

Pi Day Addendum

Addendum to "Pi Day," 14 March 2006:

Of course, I wore my official Pi Shirt all day yesterday, constructed out of the first 4493 digits of the lovable number itself!

And yes, several people stopped me and mentioned how awesome my shirt was. No, no one made fun of me. I don't know why.

And of course we ate pie in Calculus. Duh! How else would you celebrate Pi Day? What about Pi Approximation Day, which apparently is 22 July, and endures a "time-honoured" tradition of being "[ignored] altogether"?

There are way too many holidays.


Laurel said...

We also celebrated Pi Day, a Pi flag was even set up outside our school, on one of the million flagpoles.
Luv ya all!

Anonymous said...

love the pi shirt!<3 I wish I had one

I was in Ireland for Pi Day, so I didn't get to eat any pie in Calculus (although even if I was at school I wouldn't have been able to, as I only have Calc on odd days) but I still celebrated a little... as in while we were traveling by bus to Dublin, my friend and I made a point to jump up and yell "HAPPY PI DAY" loud enough to wake everyone up ^_^

Tim Parenti said...

You were in Ireland?!? And you never even thought to tell me? I see how it is...

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