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21 April 2006

Measuring Day and Other Ramblings

An appropriate title, considering the name of my blog, isn't it? Lately, there's been so much on my mind that I decided to just write one post about it all. Or, at least, all that I can remember.

But before I start, I'd like to say that I do have another dream for my Dream Series (actually, I have for some time). I'll write about that in an upcoming post.

Anyways, Sunday was Easter, which can only mean one thing: measuring day (the chocolate's a given)! Yes, that's right. Every year when we visit my father's side of the family for Easter, we break out the measuring tape and make marks on the pantry door. This year, I grew a whopping eighth of an inch! My brother, on the other hand, grew three and thirteen-sixteenths inches.

This is fine, but what bugs me is that my brother, who is four years younger than me, was measured at the exact same height I was measured at only three years ago, which means he's a year ahead of me in height. And I've only grown a little over an inch since then, which means his forehead is right at my eye level. I'm afraid next year it'll be the other way around.

Anyways, when I came back to school on Tuesday, the nurse called me to her office for my annual vision check, along with the blood pressure, height, and weight. So I got measured again. And I will probably get measured today because I have a doctor's appointment, which, among other things, will entail me getting my immunizations up to date for college.

That's going to be loads of fun.

You see, I haven't had a single shot in about seven years. Now, I never liked shots to begin with, but not having to have dealt with the associated pain (and the anxiety leading up to it) for this long, I have gotten more and more scared of the day when I would. I'm sure in retrospect it won't be that bad, but you can bet I'll be squirming in the doctor's office this afternoon.

Speaking of pain, I'd better go back to the Disney trip, seeing how most of you weren't overly appreciative of the TravelLog posts. I never really intended to tell you much about Disney; I mean Disney is Disney, and that's about it. There's really not much of a way to explain it, and I wasn't about to go into the fun my friends and I had because, as nearly all of this blog's regular readership does not attend GHS, they don't know my friends.

But I digress; back to the part about pain. Saturday night of the Disney trip (thankfully after our Friday parade), our drum major's knee gave out, or started hurting, or something to that effect. Basically, she was having a lot of trouble walking. Which is a shame, because no girl that nice should have so many body parts that seem to hate her.

Anyways, when we went to Epcot for Sunday, we rented her a wheelchair so she wouldn't have to walk as much. And we basically pushed her around everywhere. It seemed like she really enjoyed the added attention (and I don't mean anything by that, it's just that she seemed pretty happy).

What made the rest of the group happy was that the wheelchair access entrance for most rides and attractions at Epcot is either the same as the exit or the same as the FASTPASS lane. So our group got to bypass a few long lines, which was an added bonus. By the end of the day, we were calling her our "personal FASTPASS," which was a bit impersonal, but we all laughed about it nonetheless.

In other news, I'm officially caught up on my third quarter work. Straight A's two quarters in a row...something that I've actually had to work hard for. So my GPA is calculated and since the cutoff for class rank calculation is the end of third quarter for seniors, it's almost definite that I will graduate as salutatorian, which isn't half bad (in fact, it's a lot more than half good!).

Well, I'm really getting tired of writing now. Maybe I'll come up with other ramblings in the next few weeks.


Stephen Lewis said...

i have a serious immunity to shots. i had my body poked so much when i was a child that it hit a point when i honestly didn't feel anything anymore. i gave blood a couple of months ago, and they made me look away while they were putting the needle in. i asked why (because there's not much to see, really), they just said i had to look away. so that's it, i'm convinced, the red cross really does put a microchip into your body, and they don't want you to know about it. ^_^

congrats on salut-ism! i'm really stupid, so i'd never make anything like that.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

what crazy freaky genius makes salutatorian? jeez. and manages straight A's with never being at school? i'm so jealous...

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