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05 April 2009

Aches and Pains

Twelve minutes left in the day. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Today, it's because I just came back from dinner, which was only late because I couldn't move from the chair at my desk which was only because the achey back and scratchy throat I had yesterday have turned into a headache, congestion, rnnny nose, achey legs, achey arms — the works. I hadn't eaten in ten hours and I still almost couldn't finish my dinner. That's bad.

I took some acetaminophen right before I left, but it hasn't kicked in yet. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep well tonight, as said aches and pains have caused me to sleep for much of the evening. And hopefully I'll be able to be my normal mostly-functional self in the morning.

The concert this afternoon was alright. We had a few hiccups and the like, mostly because people were talking over directions from the director and generally not paying attention to his cues and the like. Although, even some of his cues were off. It seems the whole choir were having somewhat of a bad day.

As it's Palm Sunday, I picked up an extra palm branch from the church we visited in Uniontown, but I've yet to determine where to put it or what exactly to do with it here. I've had one in my bedroom at home for probably about twelve years... the same one, to be precise. So it's been a while since I've done anything with one of those.

It still hasn't completely sunk in that it's April, though. I mean, in a little over three weeks, I'll be in China, and I've been looking forward to that for about three years. But here it is. I've got my last really busy week of the semester coming up here, then the last week of classes, then finals. And that's it. I have to start doing all sorts of things around here to get ready to pack up, and yet it just doesn't feel like it's time yet, you know? Whatever. I should be "feeling it" soon. I hope.

Mother called and asked me if I really was going to be blogging every day in April. And yes, that is the intent, although I never committed to the BEDA project. As you can easily see, these posts have been much shorter than my usual fare here, mostly because I tend to start about 15 minutes before either midnight or leaving for wherever I'm going to be at midnight. So that's a fixed constraint. And it's kind of nice. Like those "freewriting" exercises in tenth-grade English. Wait a minute, those weren't nice...

But it is a busy week coming up, as I've said, so I may miss a day. And I won't be too disappointed, because this is still more than I've done in a while. As I said on the first, this is simply motivation, and not a requirement by any means.

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Lexi Elizabeth said...

This isn't letting me post. But whatever.

I think that being busy sucks. So does this weather.

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