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14 April 2009


I really don't have much of anything to say today. I must point out that it is getting markedly more difficult to come up with creative titles for these posts. And no, I don't mean "tacet"; that would be the verb. "Tacit" is the adjective. Sometimes musicians' words for things cloud our perception of the actual unadulterated words themselves. So I just wanted to clear that up.

The weather was gorgeous this morning as I walked with Will to the post office to mail my tax return before swiping an extra meal pass for him to join me in Market Central for lunch since I have such a surplus. But I'm down to eight passes with ten days left to use them, and I have plans in the works for getting rid of another extra, so I should be pretty much okay.

But anyway, back to the weather, it was gorgeous when I walked into my 13:00 class and it only started to be gloomy when I walked out at 14:15 (so obviously sometime during my class). This morning, we had nice sunshine, but still several bright clouds that kept the sun from being too overbearing. To me, that's about as close to a perfect day as you can come. And although I wasn't able to enjoy it much, I made sure to do so while I was outside.

The China trip with the choir is shaping up. We leave in a little under two weeks now, and we just got what will probably be the final pre-departure version of our day-to-day itinerary, complete with times of things instead of just what's going on each day. I'll have to look a bit more closely into that, again for an important reason that I haven't yet mentioned here.

So, that leaves us with the following (thankfully short) list of important things I haven't yet mentioned here, which I will need to write about this week:

I should add that if you already know the "answers" from talking to me, please don't spoil them for the rest of my dear readers. It'll all be revealed in due course. I've got to let the suspense get to them a bit first. ;)

If it weren't the week before finals, I'd just keep writing about both those topics now and give you a "normal Tim"-style blog post. But this is also BEDA; I've got to have some content up my sleeve for slow days, right?


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