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11 April 2009

Home, Sweet Home

I'm now at home in Girard, typing on the family computer. My brother David is talking to me about something related to FM radio presets. Ah, it's good to be home!

I got in around 22:45 Friday night, and will be leaving after church tomorrow to see my dad's side of the family for Easter before heading the whole way back down to Pittsburgh for my last two weeks of classes. Well, one week of classes, one week of finals. My last class ends at 12:00 next Friday, 17 April, and then I've got finals on 17, 20, and 24 April. I leave for New York on 27 April and for China the next day. I won't be back here in Girard until 12 May, a month away. And I haven't been here since my birthday back in January. So yes, there's been an element of homesickness these last few days.

Mom and David came to Pittsburgh to pick me up at around 18:30 on Friday, well after my OChem lab. We had dinner, and then we brought some of my belongings back home so that we'll have less to worry about in two weeks' time.

Then, when I got home, my mother and brother insisted that I watch an episode of the 1960s sci-fi comedy "Lost in Space" with them, which I had never seen before. And I must admit, it was pretty funny, as I'm sure those of you who grew up with the program would agree. But I also find it interesting to note that the series was set in 1997, so it is doubly interesting to see what people thought of the future back in the past. I'm sure some day we'll look back on our current "futuristic" notions with as much laughter.

But anyway, it was pretty much 24:00 when we finished the episode, and everyone was tired, so there was no blogging to be had. My apologies for not writing, but I'm still not doing bad on BEDA overall. And besides, I've seen half my readership in the last 24 hours anyway!

This morning, my mother called to schedule a haircut appointment for me, only to be told that the best time was pretty much right away. So she woke me a mere half an hour before the appointment. But we got there and my hairs are now cut.

It was also good seeing Barb and (most of) her family today as well. It makes me glad that I finally get to spend Easter with family again. In 2007, I went home for Palm Sunday weekend to see David's school play, and I had a huge group project to finish for the following week. In 2008, I was en route back from Denver after the Pitt Men's Basketball team lost late Saturday night. We landed in Pittsburgh at 05:17, and I got to my dorm room at 06:45, at which point I promptly fell asleep and slept through every Easter service in the city. So it's really nice to be home this time, even if it's only for about 48 hours.

And now, I'm tired again. All of the Easter food (and candy) is getting to me already. Ugh. To bed with me.

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Lexi Elizabeth said...

You get done with finals soooo early. OMG I am so jealous.

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