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07 April 2009

We Shall See...

Even though it's after midnight, this does not fall under the category of "fail."  I was not expecting tonight's ΚΚΨ meeting to run until 23:50.  As such I've only just gotten back and so it's still Monday as far as I'm concerned right now.

We had a lot of normal business to attend to tonight, but moreover, we have a lot of people running for office in ΚΚΨ for 2009-2010, which is truly wonderful.  But it also meant that there were a lot of people giving speeches tonight, and answering questions from the Brotherhood.  For some of the more contested positions, questioning sessions lasted up to ten or fifteen minutes per candidate.  And that discussion is wonderful; I'm truly glad to see so many people excited to take an active role in the organization.

However, despite starting our meeting at 20:00 instead of 20:30, we still cut it precariously close to the building's lockdown time of 24:00.  After a few hurried remarks at the end, I made a carefully-worded motion to "suspend all remaining business and adjourn the meeting," since we actually did have some (comparatively unimportant) business left on the agenda.  Thank goodness the actual elections themselves are next week.

ΜΚΥ elections are tomorrow, by which I mean later today (ugh!), and I'm running for reelection as Webmaster for 2009-2010.  We shall see how that goes, but in any case, I don't think it will run as long as tonight did.  ΜΚΥ tend to be less discussion-oriented than ΚΚΨ anyways, which is both good and bad.  And that's why I love being a part of both organizations.

I was feeling a lot better today, though still not up to last week's par.  We shall see if that trend continues, or if today was just a fluke.

Also, the second ChE 0400 exams were graded and they were much better overall.  I realize I haven't mentioned my qualms about the first exam on this blog before, and that is for a number of reasons, not the least of which has been time.  But let's just say that personally, I more than doubled my score exam-over-exam.  This is not something that should normally be able to occur.  The class average also increased by factor 1.45.  Again, we shall see if future data warrant future discussion on this matter.

As for everything else that happens Tuesday, in keeping with my favorite words from the last few paragraphs... we shall see.

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Lexi Elizabeth said...

I really want a position in Delta Omicron, but there are so many other people who want positions, that I doubt I'm actually going to get anything. :-\ Good luck on getting webmaster. Are you running for anything in psi?

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