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04 April 2009


Whew.  The "rock festival" today was fun.  All of these rocks were placed in a matter of about five hours.  I was there working from about 14:00 to 17:00, because of the ΜΚΥ lunch.

Once we had finished the "decorative pattern," there was extra gravel, so we patched potholes in Lou's driveway, too.  Unfortunately, the extra gravel was at the top of the driveway, and the potholes were at the bottom.  No problem.  We just had some people shoveling gravel into plastic buckets, some people sliding filled buckets down the pavement, some people dumping the buckets, and some passing empty buckets back up the hill.  That's one of the many advantages of having about 25 people helping out.  It was very efficient work.

As I said earlier, ΜΚΥ had its Fifth Degree this morning, and we now have three new members.  And before that, we had band recruitment, and we spoke to 16 interested prospective students (which isn't that bad for one of those events).  Gosh, that seems like forever ago.

Once I got back at around 19:10, I collapsed in bed.  I only arose about four hours later to write this and catch up on some emails so that I wouldn't get behind on all that.  I felt bad that I ignored my mother's phone call at first, but I am now having trouble feeling my arms.  At least, I told her, I won't be as physically tired after tomorrow's concerts.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention my cousin Ted's birthday today.  Twenty-three already; wow!

All in all, though, a productive day.  I'd love to have those more often.

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