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01 April 2009


It's time for another little note to tell you how I've been doing for the last three weeks, I guess.

March Madness went well, for the most part.  The men's team was disappointing in New York, but you'll have that.  At least we didn't turn around and head right home; they let us stay in town for much of the next day.  So it wasn't a total loss.  If you haven't seen them already, I took some pictures on the trip.

And of course, that means: My camera is fixed!  Hooray!  I was right; it only took a watch battery.  It was a bit overpriced at the RadioShack I went to in Connecticut ($5.82 altogether), but I figured that's still way less than a brand new camera, and paying a 400% premium was worth it if it meant my camera could be working right away (but moreover because 400% was only $5).

And I have just realized I haven't taken a picture yet today.  This is a minor problem.  (Pause.)  Okay.  Sorry, I just really want to get the whole "halfway decent picture every day for a month" thing done sometime soon, and it really doesn't help if I miss the first day of the month.  February was ideal for that due to its brevity, as I mentioned before, but then the little mishap happened.  And it screwed up March in the process.  So here's hoping I can get back on track with that, because I like taking photos and it's spring and there are beautiful things all around and it's about time I finished this run-on sentence.

Much like my picture thing, I've now heard of several people who are attempting "Blog Every Day April," an idea that young adult author Maureen Johnson just came up with the other day.  A couple of my YouTube subscriptions are even taking it to the next level, replacing daily blogging with daily vlogging.

Now, I am intrigued and inspired by how much this has caught on (it even has a Twitter hashtag), but I'm not sure I want to commit to anything like that, given how Aprils tend to go around these parts and how much other stuff I've got going on.  But I figured I could at least write something today, and perhaps actually make a concerted effort to write shorter posts throughout the month.  (And yes, I know I've said this before, but I haven't had something like this as motivation.)

So here I am, having reserved the last 15 minutes of my day specifically to write this.  Or something like this, anyway.  We shall see if this continues, as I have come to the realization that with the bunches of stuff going on in my life, I actually do have a lot of things I can talk about.

A few quick notes about today, Wednesday 1 April 2009:

  • Today was George Bandik's birthday.  In case you don't remember, he was my OChem professor.  I tried stopping by his office for a quick visit before PChem this afternoon, but he wasn't in.  What a shame.
  • Google's April Fool's pranks were fun this year.  Whoever came up with the idea, kudos on coordination across so many Google products!

Apologies for not saying much of actual substance today.  We shall see if this continues... again, no promises. ;)


Michelle Zhang said...

Woah. You're going to China?

Tim Parenti said...

Someone hasn't been reading this blog very often... I've dropped several mentions recently, and there's been a countdown in the sidebar since 2007.

But yeah, I'm going to China with my choir at the end of the month. I figured it was about time to put a giant countdown at the top of the page.

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