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12 April 2009

Easter Crash

Not saying I don't like Easter candy and the sugary goodness that is associated with in, but boy, can it make you feel like crap, too. Rather than having my normal two meal day, I've been grazing all day today and now I can tell.

I'm back in Pittsburgh now for the last week of classes, but spent most of today with my father's side of the family. Specifically for me, this meant Grandma's homemade spaghetti (among other wonderful foods), which is a wonderful treat I only get to enjoy a few times each year. But there were also lots of sugary candies, and even though I exercised quite a bit of restraint, I still probably had too much and I now lack almost all energy. Hopefully I'll be better in the morning and able to operate normally, since this is not the week I can afford to be lethargic.

Seeing my family was nice today, too. My cousin Juliana is going to be seven in May, which is hard to believe. She really is growing up quickly.

Speaking of growing up, since I was in Grove City on Easter for the first time in three years, I was able to participate in Measuring Day again. I haven't grown all that much (which was, frankly, to be expected), but I am squarely 5 feet, 8 inches (172.7 cm) tall, about an inch and a half (4 cm) taller than in 2005. My brother is 5 feet, 8.5 inches (174.0 cm).

And now I must sleep. I don't think I'll be eating much chocolate for a few days...


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