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03 April 2009

So Much to Do...

Tonight is ΜΚΥ's Fourth Degree of Initiation. Tomorrow morning, at the Fifth Degree, we'll have initiated new members. That's always exciting.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Honestly, this whole upcoming week is a busy week. But tomorrow comes first. At 07:30, there's a band recruitment event at Pitt's final "Day for Admitted Students" of the year. At the Pitt Band table, members of ΚΚΨ basically talk to high school seniors who are prospective students about why they should join the band. It's really cool, despite the fact that it's really early in the morning (since it's an open "fair"-type thing that's before the actual event). But it's over by 09:00, and most of us usually go right back to sleep.

I can't, though, because ΜΚΥ Degree starts at 10:30, then we're soon off to a celebratory lunch at the Waterfront. Meanwhile, Brothers of ΚΚΨ will be making their way to the home of Lou, the band's operations manager, to help him out with a project. The double-brothers like me will join them after the ΜΚΥ lunch.

At Lou's house, we will be participating in a "rock festival." In the most literal sense of the phrase. In exchange for a modest payment to the fraternity and a lasagna dinner for everyone involved, we will be spending the afternoon moving a total of 25 tons of rocks and placing them in a "decorative pattern." So that will be a lot of fun, but also a bit of work. But there will be many hands... And then my fixed obligations for the day are done.

Sunday, I go to Uniontown with the Heinz Chapel Choir for a full two-gig day. I get maybe about a day's rest before gearing up for a Nuclear Reactors exam on Wednesday night, which is conveniently followed immediately by ΚΚΨ's final Degree, only because a Wednesday was the only day we could do it, what with the awkward placement of Easter this year.

Then it's a ChE presentation Thursday, a CHEM lab report Friday, and — what do you know? — it's the last week of classes. So that'll be fun.

Still no luck on the newest of the camera issues, which is giving me quite the sad face. I need a fully functioning camera before leaving for China, and that's only 25 days away!


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